CPUT (Bellville) – Opening of Communication and Language Center

On the 29th of November, 2018, the Communication and Language Center facility at the Bellville campus was opened by Dr. Ignatius Ticha. The following images capture moments of this significant event.

Blue Roof Life Space Visit

About Blue Roof Life Space

From the Blue Roof Life Space Website:

Blue Roof Life Space is a Youth Centre Focused on holistic care for young people seeking a safe place to discover more about who they are and what direction they want to go in life.

Equipped with healthcare facilities, a state of the art Career Guidance Centre, Internet Café and various skills development opportunities, Blue Roof is here to inspire our youth into becoming positive contributors in our society.

roof | ruːf | noun (plural roofsthe structure forming the upper covering.  A shelter.

Blue Roof is a symbol of hope. A structured covering of care. The shelter under which young and old find refuge from the scorching heat of life’s burdens.

Blue Roof is an innovative hub of holistic kindness. A haven of support to children, youth and the community at large. Like a home set on a hill, our Blue Roof shines bright, restoring hope, casting vision and opening up destiny for lives bursting with potential.

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