Q  : Text not appearing in Reading Exercise,  Memory Exercise or Hangman?
A : This is usually the result of a Windows update having overwritten required, older system files.
Go to the Download page: https://readersareleaders.co.za/downloads/
Download the “Required System Patches Folder”.
A full description of the reason for the condition, as well as how to run the patches, is included.

Q : How can I quickly determine if the Windows on the computer is 64bit or 32 bit?
A : For Windows 10 or 8, click on the search-glass icon next to “Start” button. Type “cmd” (But do not press <ENTER> !) in the search field .
For Windows 7, Click the Start button, and type “cmd” (But do not press <ENTER> !) in the search field.
The “Command Prompt” icon will be displayed.
Right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.
In the command window that opens, type in: “wmic os get osarchitecture” and press <ENTER>.
This will return the OS architecture bit width as either 64-bit or 32-bit.

Q : How can I quickly determine if Windows updates on the computer have negatively affected the computer?
A : Run the the Readers are Leaders Client on the suspected computer. Open “Hangman”. Select any level.
If the Hangman figure appears, but there are no dots below his feet to indicate how many letters the word contains, that machine has been affected and requires the “patches” to be run on it.

Q : Having resolution errors on v2.7.0 and lower?
A : You have to change your screen resolution manually in order to use Readers Are Leaders. Here are the links to setting your resolution :
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Q : I lost or forgot my Admin password?
A : From the Main Menu, select Options, and press the letter “p” on the keyboard. This will show the current Admin and Editor password. You can change either or both here, for access to the Admin and Editor sections. Press the <Escape> key once done, to exit saving changes.

Q : Where do I change my child’s password / level / story/ reading speed/ word recognition speed?
A : All child related settings can be adjusted under Admin from the Main Menu

Q : Don’t know at which level or reading speed your child should be at?
A : Here is a general guideline

reading speed guide

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