The exercises in Readers are Leaders have been specifically developed to accelerate the learning process, as each exercise was prepared and evaluated by professionals.

The integrated content editor allows the educator complete control over the content and nature of the exercises. Therefore, Readers are Leaders is fully upgradable and is an indispensable teaching aid.

There are many wide-ranging applications for our software including:

  • Adult literacy programs
  • Corporate training programs
  • Home schooling
  • Re-enforcement of school work

Readers are Leaders ships with both English and Afrikaans content. New content is continually being added by our researchers and old content is updated.

Benefits of Readers are Leaders:

  • Readers are Leaders has 15 levels of content, levels 1-12 catering for learners from Grade 1-12 and levels 13-15 for tertiary level reading
  • Automatic advancing and preset sequences allow users to progress through the program independently
  • Depth of exercises ensures sufficient practice to achieve noticeable improvements
  • Caters for both weak and strong users and thus reduces the pressure of learning
  • The dynamic, fun and user-friendly interface stimulates the learners’ imagination and captures their attention
  • Lessons are not time consuming, each one taking about 15-20 minutes to complete
  • Learners are challenged to increase reading speed and to improve learning skills and results
  • Readers are Leaders provides positive feedback. All results are captured automatically and accentuated with graphs
  • The learner’s general knowledge is increased through the variety of topics
  • Starting level is automatically determined by the calibration exercise
  • Readers are Leaders is a great tool to assist parents to help their children help themselves
  • The integrated content creation and editing facilities allow teachers and parents to add and edit their own or existing content
  • Readers are Leaders can also be used to train staff in businesses and for Adult Basic Education and Training
  • (ABET)
  • Contains both English and Afrikaans content