Each level in the program is comprised of a sequence of eight reading exercises.

The wide range of exercises will improve many aspects of reading and will also help in learning and understanding all subjects.

These improvements include:

  • the improvement of reading accurately
  • understanding and comprehension
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • spelling and remembering how to spell certain words
  • improving visual memory
  • word recognition
  • fluency
  • accuracy
  • speed as well as improving reading speed by also enhancing peripheral vision

Following, is a concise explanation of each of the eight exercises that each sequence is comprised of:

  1. Word Definition:

The user learns vocabulary words, which will appear in the reading passage.
The Vocabulary Exercise and Word Recall Exercise will test the learner on these definitions at the end of the sequence.

  1. Eye Exercise:

To improve eye movement whilst reading, a certain part of the text in the passage will be highlighted depending on the settings that have been chosen in the Administration System, or calculated by the Calibration Test. By keeping the eyes on the highlighted areas, reading and eye speed will increase gradually and the user will learn to read at a constant pace.

The width of the highlighted area and the speed at which it moves, are calculated from the user’s previous results or the settings that have been chosen in the Administration System.

Four different eye exercise types are deployed:

  • A moving highlight of a phrase (A few consecutive words at a time) moves across the text, while all background text remains visible
  • An entire line across the text box is highlighted while all background text is visible
  • Each phrase is shown moving across the screen individually while the background text is invisible
  • A line across the text box is highlighted while all background text is invisible

In all of the above, the time the text is displayed is determined by the user’s calibration- or previous results.

The eye exercise is set to Dynamic by default, which encompasses all four of the different exercises. The Dynamic setting will change according to advance/demotion criteria. The settings will progress, regress or remain the same in accordance with the user’s results.

The desired exercise type may be manually set to any of the four available exercise types, in the Administration System.

  1. Memory Test:

This exercise will determine if the user can remember the sequence of the passage read. The aim is to improve the user’s recall of chronology.

  1. Timed Passage:

The user will be allowed to read the passage again in this exercise, but this time it will be at their own pace. This is timed and the reading speeds are adjusted accordingly.

  1. Comprehension Exercise:

This will test whether or not the users have understood what they have just read by asking questions related to the story.

  • Level 1-3: Consist of content questions only.
  • Level 4-15: Consist of a combination of content, derivative and linguistic questions.
  1. Word Recognition:

A word is flashed on screen and the user must be able to recognise the word and retype it correctly. The duration of the flash is based on the user’s reading speed.

Note: This exercise is not an outright spelling test, but more difficult words appearing in the passage are repeated here.

  1. Grammar Exercise:

Grammar questions are asked on specific grammar topics. The aim is to develop and broaden the learner’s knowledge of grammar, to test knowledge of language and to practise language skills. This enables the learner to communicate clearly and confidently by using the correct grammatical structure. All the grammar is based on the current school syllabus.

  1. Vocabulary Exercise:

Questions are asked on the vocabulary words learnt in the Word definition.

This Activity will test to see if the learner has understood the meanings and remembered the definitions of the particular words and if he is able to place them in their correct context. Four possible answers are given with each question