Post Installation Mandatory Patch Procedure

There is a mandatory patch that needs to be run, post the installation of the Readers are Leaders software. This applies to all versions and modules of the software.

The reason this is required, is that not all computers have all the required Microsoft Development Libraries files present, required to run the software.

Although this patch is included on the installation CD, it is not useable as it appears there, as there is an error in the primary executable file.

Thus, the following procedure should be used to correctly run the patch.

First, a copy of the required patch file must be obtained. This is done by downloading it from the “Readers are Leaders” web-page: https://readersareleaders.co.za/downloads/.

It is the first item in the list of downloads: “Download Update Patches Folder”.

Left click on this item to download the “RaL.zip” file.

Once downloaded, left-click on the file to open it within the file browser.

Right click on the “RaL” folder and select copy.

Now navigate to the local disk C:, as indicated below.

Left-click on : “Local Disk (C:), to open that folder.

Right-click anywhere in the right pane of that window, and select “paste”, to copy the RaL folder there.

It is absolutely critical that folder must be copied in the lowest level of the c: drive, i.s. “c:\RaL”, as some instructions rely on that path for execution.

(It is highly recommended that a copy of this file be copied to a memory-stick, so that it is always available at installation time.)

Double click on the RaL folder to open it.

Double-click on “Utils” to open that folder.

Determine what architecture, 64bit or 32bit, of Windows is running, by simultaneously pressing the “Windows” key and the “Pause/Break” key (Usually part of the numeric keypad of the keyboard).

If it is 64bit, double-click on 64bit.multi to open the folder, or in the case of 32bit, double-click on 32bit multi to open that folder.

In any event, right-click on “Register files” and select to run as Administrator.

A black screen will appear in the background indicating the copy process, after which a screen will popup indicating that a file was successfully registered. Click on “OK to continue. This will occur twice more. Click “OK” in each case.

That concludes the post install patch install procedure.

Readers are Leaders