Installing Readers Are Leaders From a USB Drive

  1. Insert the USB drive into the computer. A screen similar to the following will appear, depending on the version of Windows on the computer:

  1. Click on “Open folder to view files”. The following screen then appears:

  1. Right-click on “Setup.exe” as indicated below (Depending on System Settings, the “.exe” file extension may not be visible), and select “Run as Administrator:

  1. The following screen is presented:

This is quickly followed by:

  1. Click on “Next” to proceed to the next step. A prompt to select the desired installation folder appears:

  1. Click “Next” to accept the default location. The license agreement screen appears:

  1. Click on “Yes” to accept and proceed. The registration screen appears, in which the registered user name and serial key must be entered:

  1. Of great importance is that the user name and key must be entered exactly as it was furnished and the key to include the hyphens. Successfully entering the data, will then prompt for the desired destination location:

  1. Click on “Next” to accept the default location. At this stage, nothing may appear to be happening for a brief period. After a short while, the next screen will appear:

  1. A few installation process images will flash past, until finally, the final installation screen appears:

  1. Uncheck “Do you want to view the readme file now?”, and check the “Do you want to run Readers are Leaders” now” box, then click on “Finish”. The program will commence by displaying the following screen:

  1. Click anywhere within this screen to advance to the Main Menu of the program:

Readers are Leaders