Re-enable Correct Operation of Program After a Windows Update

Program Recovery Procedure

  1. Overview
    • On occasion, after a Windows update has transpired, the program no longer functions correctly as before. The passage may appear as a blank window, or in the exercise, the questions only have a leading number an no text.
    • There is a process to be run, to return the program to working condition.
    • The following is the process to be executed on the affected computer.
      • Process
        • Firstly, a “patch” must be downloaded from the Readers are Leaders web-site, at the following link:
        • https://readersareleaders.co.za
        • It is under Downloads, “Download Update Patches Folder”.
        • An archived file, RaL.zip, will be downloaded.
        • The folder, RaL, within this archived file, must be extracted and copied to an accessible location, usually a memory-stick.
        • This folder must then be copied to the computer on which the recovery is being done, into the “root” folder, i.s. “c:\” (It will then become “c:\RaL”).
        • From “c:\RaL\Utils”, the file “RunJetFixMcrepairReboot.exe” must be run.
          • This executable is a “wrapper” program, executing several other programs and actions. Many screen actions will be visible whilst it is running, after which the computer will be rebooted.
        • The Readers are Leaders program will then again function to expectations
  1. Notes
    • The MS Windows system file patch would be needed to run on every occasion that a current system file was overwritten by a newer, non-backward compatible version (During Windows updates).
    • For that reason, it is advisable that a shortcut to the “c:\RaL\Utils\ RunJetFixMcrepairReboot.exe”, be placed on the desktop of the computer, so that in the event that Readers are Leaders is rendered non-functional as a result of a recent Windows update, it can easily set back to operational mode.

Graphical Instructions

Once downloaded, double-click on “RaL.zip” to open it.

Right click on the “RaL” folder and select copy.

Now navigate to the local disk C:, as indi

cated below.

Left-click on : “Local Disk (C:), to open that folder.

Right-click anywhere in the right pane of that window, and select “paste”, to copy the RaL folder there.

It is absolutely critical that folder must be copied in the lowest level of the c: drive, i.s. “c:\RaL”, as some instructions rely on that path for execution.

Double click on the RaL folder to open it.

Double-click on “Utils” to open that folder.

Right-click on “RegisterFiles.exe” and select to run as Administrator.

This executable is a “wrapper”, which runs other executables. It will run, and then briefly indicate that it has completed, and will then disappear off the screen.

Again, from “c:\RaL\Utils”, the file “RunJetFixMcrepairReboot.exe” must now be run.

This executable too is a “wrapper” program, executing several other programs and actions. Many screen actions will be visible whilst it is running. Once done, it will briefly indicate that it has completed and commence rebooting the computer, in order for the changes to be effected

Once the computer has restarted, the Readers are Leaders program will have been restored to working order.

Readers are Leaders